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Less talking the talk and more walking the walk. Our selected references offer a view into the way we work at ILME, through our valued partnerships and most memorable growth stories.

Peikko Group

Peikko Group is known worldwide as the leading global supplier of slim floor structures, wind energy applications and connection technology for precast and cast-in-situ construction. Moreover, Peikko is also claiming space as the expert and forerunner of combining timber, steel and concrete in hybrid construction. In 2022 Peikko launched the PUUCO® family of products for hybrid construction. The new product launch needed a campaign around it to introduce the idea of hybrid construction to a larger audience.


Valtra updated their strategy at the beginning of 2020. Together with the update, Valtra also needed to renew their brand identity to align with the new strategic goals. A new generation of Valtra tractors, as well as a new model range, the G Series, were launched virtually in autumn 2020. This virtual launch provided an excellent opportunity to reveal the new brand identity. An important goal of the renewal was to standardize the Valtra brand identity in the Brazilian market.

Blastr Green Steel

Norwegian company Blastr Green Steel is in the process of establishing green steel production in Finland. The project is of the largest scale in the industry. Due to low-carbon production of steel, the project will significantly advance the green transformation.

Our customers’ challenge was to 1. crystallize the benefits of the project both in Finland and worldwide for a launch video, 2. to communicate the project in a positive and informative way and 3. to grow the publicity and good image of the project in the Nordic countries. The diversity, size and schedule made the challenge both difficult but also interesting.

Rambooms Oy

The growing demand in the mining industry for both manned and automatic breaker boom systems was Ramboom’s starting point for developing the XROCK system. The challenge was to create an interesting and commercial concept for a technology product, which would resonate with international target groups in large mining countries.

Ristek Oy

Ristek’s recognition outside the Finnish market was low. Ristek wanted to strengthen their foothold in the market, to support their internationalization project, and to increase awareness of their software. Until now, Ristek had only operated in the relatively small domestic market, where all the players know each other, and personal meetings are of great importance.