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Growth from future-forward thinking and bold creativity

If you are looking for growth via new perspectives, strategic thinking and a strong brand experience, you’ll get the best value and your own team from ILME.

Strategy and commer­cia­lization

We find opportunities to grow and develop businesses by combining deep customer understanding with creative and insightful thinking.

  • strategy and communications design
  • commercial concept design
  • designing and commercializing products, solutions and services

Brand design

We create and strengthen brands that resonate with target audiences, evoke feelings, and enable the growth of new business.

  • designing and crystallizing customer-centric brand strategies
  • designing brand identities
  • brand management and communications

Experience design

We design uniform brand experiences for the different stages, channels and touchpoints of the customer path.

  • designing and communicating products, solutions and services
  • designing digital and tangible retail spaces
  • designing and developing employer image and branding

The path to more value

In a good partnership, value is created constantly, as communication happens on a daily basis and common understanding has room to grow in dedicated teams. With 27 years in the business, we have learned that the best way to help our customers is to know their business like it’s our own. True insight is born from that knowledge, which is the key to achieving and surpassing any business goals. Let’s form your team and get going!


ILME builds mutual understanding

By understanding the cornerstones of your business and the industry you operate in, we can genuinely develop your competitiveness. We can work on your business and brand strategies with you or work creatively on strategies that are already established or underway.


ILME creates inspirational insights

By utilizing creative thinking based on data and possibilities, we can find new ways for you to differentiate from competition. We’ll form a team for you that best matches your needs, and by working closely together, we’ll be able to create you value continuously with insights, concepts and practical strategies.


ILME does what ILME plans

When data-driven, customer-specific and creative thinking leads to high-quality outcomes, workflow stays consistent, and success is measurable. We can talk the talk, but, more importantly, we always walk the walk – all the way with you.

Let’s get going

Would your business benefit from strategic and creative thinking and marketing communications that stand out? Let’s meet, get acquainted and plan the next steps. Our shared path can begin today.

Contact us

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