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Marketing communications expertise with a creative and humane approach

ILME is both a strategic marketing communications partner and a warm-spirited community of creative professionals. We work in our offices in Lahti and Tampere, Finland, and digitally all over the globe.

Everything begins with enthusiasm

The story of Advertising Agency ILME began in 1997, when 18-year-old Oskari Kariste from Lahti, Finland set up his first business. Today ILME employs over 30 marketing communications professionals in offices in Lahti and Tampere, Finland. Over the years ILME has played a part in the success and growth stories of countless customers – an increasing number of which come from outside Finland.

Since the beginning, an important part of the DNA of ILME has been to be a meaningful partner for our customers and a fun and inspiring workplace for our employees. We continue to be a people-centric company in every way. We take care of our people, because we know that it leads to the ability and will to do the coolest jobs in our industry.

The best thing about ILME is the people and the freedom to be who you are. It’s all about working with teams that are different and ultra-creative. ILME is a community that sparkles with warmth and shared energy. Here even the “not so good” days can suddenly be the best ever.

Satu Inberg, Customer director




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Courage grows together

According to the brand surveys we did in 2022 and 2023, both our employees and our customers see ILME as an easily approachable, creative, and high-quality marketing communications agency. Our long-term customer and employee relationships repeat the same story – it is inspiring, fun, and productive to work with us. Moreover, every employee survey repeats this: at ILME everyone is free to be themselves, just as they are. With us, you’re free to be yourself as well.

Strong values, team spirit and a sprinkle of creative madness make ILME what we are. In an industry where competition is hard, we stand out with genuine caring and unique know-how that we improve constantly and systematically.

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ILME values

Because we love it.

We’ve got a passion for both coming up with and learning about new things. It is a built-in feeling and a need to do more than is required of us.

Dare to think out loud.

We speak clearly and directly because we care. We always listen intently when others speak. All of us have the responsibility to really understand what others are saying – and to share our thoughts for the common good.

In the game.

We will either find a way or make one. Each of us has the will to go forward, both alone and together. Reaching targets sometimes takes blood, sweat and tears, but is always worth it in the end.

At your service.

Polite directness for the good of the customer. Service means that the whole team knows what matters to our customers and why, what our customer needs and what makes them happy.

ILME has an amazing group of professionals. As employees, we share the feeling that our employer really cares about us and wants to hear us. At ILME we know for a fact that an employee who feels good and is motivated also does the best work for our customers.

Akseli Kilpinen, Art Director