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Privacy policy

Unofficial translation, original version available in Finnish.

The privacy policy description of the client and stakeholder register of Mainostoimisto Ilme Oy (Marketing Communications Agency Ilme).

1. Register holder

Mainostoimisto Ilme Oy (Marketing Communications Agency Ilme)
Svinhufvudinkatu 23, FI-15110 Lahti
Finlaysoninkuja 5, FI-33210 Tampere
Business ID: 1608719-8

2. Contact person

Oskari Kariste,, 045 679 0820

3. Name of the register

The client and stakeholder register of Marketing communications agency Ilme.

4. The purpose of the register

Handling personal information in order to manage, upkeep, develop and analyze relationships with clients and other relevant parties and to produce, offer and develop services. To develop business and websites and to conduct research on opinions and marketing. To do marketing operations and client communications, which can also be done online and targeted to the correct parties.

5. The data included in the register

The data kept in the register does not include any personal data of client companies’ contact people or other stakeholders, if they are not necessary for present or foreseeable cooperation. By using cookies we are able to obtain analyzable information about our website visitors, which we can use when planning our marketing operations, for example. This enables us to target our marketing in the best possible way.

The register may include the following data of client companies’ contact people or other stakeholders:

  • The name of a person and their job title and/or their status in the company
  • The name, contact information and the field of business of the client company
  • The address, postal code and location of the client company
  • A person’s mobile phone number (work number, unless specified other)
  • A person’s landline number (work number, unless specified other)
  • A person’s email address (work address, unless specified other)
  • A person’s marketing permissions and prohibitions
  • Information on online behavioural tracking

Moreover, the register can include information on the client companies’ contact people from before and during the possible client relationship, such as:

  • Information on upcoming events (time, date and location of meetings)
  • Listing of past events (contacts, offers, meetings)

6. Sources of information

Collecting names and other contact information is based on an ongoing client relationship or other contact with us. We gather information in connection with making a contract, registering or otherwise using our services. We also track cookies, and all visits on our website leave a trace – your IP address. We can also acquire information in connection with marketing operations such as events, as well as from public sources.

7. Disclosing information

We will not disclose information to third parties to be used for marketing purposes. For technical or operative purposes, your information may be located with our subcontractors or handled via a technical connection. We may use subcontractors that have access to your personal information from outside the EU/EEA area, such as from the United States. Information may be transferred outside the EU/EEA area, depending on the European Commission making a decision on the adequacy of the privacy policy of the country in question. We will make sure that the transfers are done in an appropriate and lawful manner according to the legislation set on the handling of personal information.

8. The principles of data protection and time of keeping the information

Our entire staff and other persons working for us such as freelancers and subcontractors are bound by professional confidentiality regarding all client and stakeholder information. Using the register has been protected by using personal login information, passwords and using rights. We dispose of expired and unnecessary information in the appropriate manner. We only hold on to personal information for as long as it is needed in order to fulfill the purposes determined in this privacy policy description. Due to obligations determined by bookkeeping laws and other applicable laws, the information may be kept for a longer period of time.

9. The right to access information and the realization of accessing information

Each person on the register has the right to access the information about themselves kept in the register. The right to access data is free of charge once within every 12 months. According to the law on personal information, the person in the register has the right to access the information about themselves by submitting a request (a document written by hand) or by visiting the register holder in person. The contact information and service hours of the register holder can be found from parts 1 and 2 of this description.

10. Rectifying personal information and removal from the register

The person on the register has the right to demand removing or correcting incorrect, lacking, unnecessary or expired information about them. This can be done by submitting a request to the register holder at the address specified in part 1 of this description (Lahti or Tampere). The request must be written and signed.

11. Cookies

Our website uses cookies and third party cookies in order to improve and personalize the user experience, to gather data on the amount of people using the service and to determine the most popular content, as well as to recognize those users who visit the website most often. The cookie can be active for one single session or for a longer time. A cookie is a small text file, which is saved on the user’s device while they visit the web service. You can prevent saving cookies by changing the privacy settings on your web browser. Please note, that not all web services can be used without cookies.