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Ristek OyA strong and well-defined identity supports the market leader’s position also in the international market

Finnish company Ristek Oy manufactures nail plates used in roof trusses. The product range is complemented by a roof truss design software and a resource planning software, which is unique on the market. Ristek is well known in Finland, and the company is famous for high quality products, great customer service, and continuous innovative product development that is always done in cooperation with the customer.


Ristek’s recognition outside the Finnish market was low. Ristek wanted to strengthen their foothold in the market, to support their internationalization project, and to increase awareness of their software. Until now, Ristek had only operated in the relatively small domestic market, where all the players know each other, and personal meetings are of great importance.

The small, domestic pool was the reason why Ristek had not yet defined their core messages, strategy, or brand value proposition. So far, the company had not put effort into their visual appearance or brand image. Now Ristek’s challenge was to articulate their own competitive advantage and bring it out in an interesting and visually impressive way.


Based on the first meeting, we identified the client’s need for primarily defining the brand identity and sharpening the marketing, which in turn would serve as groundwork and a starting point for updating the website.

We expanded our understanding by interviewing Ristek’s staff in Finland and Germany and their most important customers. Through these interviews, we found a vision, which was crystallized into messages and communication, including value proposition, key messages and key benefits for the core target groups. At the same time, we worked on a visual identity that supports the core messages and stands out from the competition.

The work was done in close cooperation with Ristek’s board of directors.


The thorough groundwork was crystallized into insightful key messages supported by a striking and stylish visual look. With the help of insight and implementation, we created value for the customer by putting into words what is already known and done well in the company. A clear and attractive website strengthens Ristek’s image as a pioneer in its field and communicates the benefits that cooperation with Ristek offers to its partners and customers.

What we did

  • gaining base understanding from interviews
  • wording the vision into a form that can be communicated:
    • value proposition
    • key messages
    • benefits for main target groups
    • visual identity
    • graphic guidelines
    • instructions for photography
  • website design and implementation: structure, content editing and additional content design and writing, visualization, and user experience design


Ristek Oy was founded in 2007 under the name Lahti Levy Oy. From a nail plate manufacturer, Ristek has developed into a versatile partner for roof truss manufacturers, also offering design software and enterprise resource planning software for its customers. Ristek’s products and software have been developed for customers and together with customers – always considering the needs of daily work and real life. Development is continuous, and Ristek’s work is thoroughly customer oriented.

Ristek is currently the market leader in its field in Finland and operates strongly through its own representatives in other parts of Europe. Ristek’s factory is located in Villähde, near Lahti, along with good connections for both domestic and international transportation.

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