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Rambooms OyConcept for XROCK® breaker boom automation system and launch for the international mining markets

The growing demand in the mining industry for both manned and automatic breaker boom systems was Ramboom’s starting point for developing the XROCK system. The challenge was to create an interesting and commercial concept for a technology product, which would resonate with international target groups in large mining countries.


XROCK automatic system has a goal to reduce the number of people working in dangerous conditions, while simultaneously increasing the productivity of machines and mines. This goal was the focal point of our creative concept design.

Instead of putting the emphasis on the qualities and benefits of the product itself, we wanted to design a customer-focused concept. During the groundwork, we familiarized ourselves with the megatrends of the mining industry and dived deep into the daily challenges and chances of the mining industry workers and entrepreneurs. An open dialogue with the Rambooms’ contact people was an important part of the concept work.

The cornerstone of the concept was a humane approach that provokes feelings. We wanted to showcase the emotion that the mine owner or machine operator has when, instead of manual labour, they get to work with the XROCK system tele-remotely from a control room instead of inside the Earth.

That is where we got the concept idea: peace of mind – peace of mine.

What we did

  • Concept design
  • Photo and video shoot, planning the main images
  • Planning and executing the main video, partly with 3D
  • Planning the cross-section image of a mine and executing with 3D
  • Content plan for the landing page and technical implementation
  • Planning the social media campaign, content and management (LinkedIn)
  • Brochure
  • Planning the trade show environment and decoration

The social media campaign exceeded all expectations


The social media campaign exceeded all expectations. It reached the international mining events’ target groups especially well. The first XROCK is already in use overseas.


What we got was a complete launch plan with a fresh look and informative messaging.

We contacted ILME about the concept for XROCK because we knew ILME has rock solid professionals with long and versatile experience with industrial B2B marketing. We knew we needed 3D visualizations for abstract technology products, and ILME has the top level 3D expertise we wanted. The cooperation was seamless from the very beginning. The ILME team quickly understood our initial thoughts, and began to refine and design. What we got was a complete launch plan with a fresh look and informative messaging.

Tarja Ruti, Marketing manager

The way Rambooms operates is admirably customer-focused and innovative. That is inspiring for creatives like us, and the work itself has been exciting and effortless. Our cooperation is based on trust. The mining industry in itself is challenging and versatile. For me, the work we do with Rambooms means constant growth, which makes it all very rewarding.

– Laura Kääpä, Content Strategist

Rambooms Oy

Rambooms Oy manufactures breaker booms for the mining industry. The company business was sold to Normet Oy in early 2023. Normet Oy is a global, innovative technology company that offers constant improvement for underground construction and mining processes. They have a wide product offering for underground tunnel and mining businesses.