Launching a new product on a competed market

Linkosuo bakery is a family business from Tampere, Finland. In recent years their innovative product development has focused heavily on snack products. In addition to Finland, Linkosuo’s products are also available in Estonia, Sweden, Russia and Germany.


A new way to enjoy chips – a social media concept

In April 2018 Linkosuo launched their new product, Oat Chips, which has two different flavors. What makes the chips stand out in a competed market is using oats, which is a trendy choice, and by roasting the chips, which is healthier than frying them. The Sour Cream & Onion flavor is also suitable for vegans.

Because the product is healthier than average chips, the Oat Chips can be enjoyed more often. We defined the marketing concept as ”One joy more” and determined the target market to be especially 30 to 40-year-old women living in cities. The media channels chosen for the campaign were Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, for which we planned five funny and surprising spots. We also created a number of other content on Facebook and Instagram to establish an active and well-rounded social media presence.


The ad spots and other content reached a great audience, while the engagement rate was a consistent 4-5 %. The product was visibly placed in stores and therefore ended up in a considerable number of shopping carts.


”The launching of Oat Chips went great both in-store and from a marketing point of view. Ilme took active care of social media. Fun and relevant content had a direct impact on the campaign succeeding.”

– Janne Ruola, Account Director, Linkosuo


Satu Inberg / Project management
Jani Kinnunen / Campaign and concept design
Eveliina Pohja / Photography
Kasper Ojala / Visual design
Karu Films / Video production