Visual communications for a global target group


HappyOrNot is a Finnish company and an internationally leading pioneer in the measurement and reporting of customer and employee satisfaction. The company is known globally for its four feedback emoji faces. HappyOrNot’s customers are large, globally respected brands like Lego, Ebay, UPS and Heathrow.


Story-driven brand image design and image production

We started our cooperation with HappyOrNot by doing some comprehensive planning. First, we thoroughly studied HappyOrNot and their service brand, and then we created the necessary plans for the brand images: branding plans, photo shoot direction, and casting. The image design phase made things more concrete and involved shooting test images and planning the background images.

The plans were brought to life with three shooting days, with one day focused on each target group: healthcare, home electronics, and catering services. We shot the brand images in Tampere and they highlighted the many sides and uses of the HappyOrNot service. And with post-processing, we could easily implement the branding together with the model selections to localize the brand images in different market areas.

These brand images build and strengthen the HappyOrNot brand and raise awareness of their activities.


A high-quality set of images that work anywhere in the world to enhance the reputation of the HappyOrNot brand, and which present their service’s suitability for various industries, applications and environments.


Satu Inberg / Project Management
Henri Mattila / Image planning, image production and photography
Mia-Maria Koski / Project assistance and photo shoot arrangements
Fanny Heinonen, Noora Roimola / Masking